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    The new model of the Inland DFS-100 ReefKeeping Saw is out, and with a few new tweaks it is now an even more efficient coral propagation machine for the home coral farmer. Sent to us for review, this saw is designed from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only: cut up your coral colonies one after another.

    inland-saw-review-2.jpg The first impression of the new DFS-100 is that it is made of a sleek black composite that makes it look like something Batman would use to propagate coral, but looks aren’t the only thing it brings to the table. All of the internals are completely sealed, and it ships with a diamond-coated blade, making it ready to frag corals right out of the box.

    The cutting surface is ample and the blade inserts, used to keep the blade on track and running smoothly, are sturdy and have good longevity. Their durability also gives this saw a tight turning radius for cutting around corallites, resulting in healthier frags. The active water-cooling system continuously cools down the blade, ensuring minimal heat transfer to the coral in order to minimize stress. The DFS-100 also has the largest default cutting height of any current band saw at 3½”, making fragging those extra large colonies a breeze. inland-saw-review-3.jpg The greatest benefit to using band saws for propagation in general is their ability to cut an almost invisibly thin line through corals and frags, allowing for the fastest healing time compared to any other propagation methods, and the DFS-100 does not disappoint. In short, this saw presents coral farmers with a sturdy and effective and propagation tool that retails for $284.95.

    This post is a guest contribution from Miguel Tolosa, author of Practical Coral Farming just released in a second edition.*

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