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    12 Dec 2012
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    port elizabeth
    Hi, I have rocks in my quarantine fish tank. I used the medicine ICH-out and it contains copper. Can I use the rocks in my other tank or will the copper stay in the rocks? I am busy with a new fishtank and would like to know if I can use it in the new tank?:blush:
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    i wouldnt take the risk at all Lawrence. keep those rocks as structure for the quaranteen tank and get new rocks for the new tank.

    even trace elements of copper can kill inverts, ive known of tanks that were medicated and it seeped into the silicone, rendering the tank useless for marines.
  4. butcherman

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    7 Sep 2009
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    I agree with crispin, those rocks will now have traces of copper which is bad for marine inverts.
  5. pkc


    17 Oct 2008
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    If you really need to user the rocks, wash them in some new salt water a few times throwing away the water with each wash, or use it in the quarantine tanks when needed and that should be enough out so that the parts per million will not be an issue. Also do regular water changes for a few weeks and what leaches out from my experience equates to nothing of any consequence.
    If you used copper chloride its not an issue at all, water changes gets rid of it nicely, it doesn’t bind to everything like copper sulphate does.
    I use to use copper sulphate and later on copper chloride a lot with fish due for shops and over seas, never had issues with inverts once the rock or substrate was washed a few times and the silicon issue has never been a problem with mine or any others I knew that used copper if it is rubbed with a sponge or something. What penetrates the silicon’s surface adds up to nothing at all.
    As with any toxin as copper can equate to, reduce its parts per million and its no longer a toxin, it’s just a trace element that will keep reducing with each water change.
    Plus algae will up take it to a degree and you can then export it.

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