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    12 Oct 2011
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    Having read thru the forum post and the sticky threads i see some conflicting info wich i need clarity on before going either root.

    As i understand a dsb is an area of sugarfine sand between 10 to 15cm with lamina flow for optimal performance.

    It is also mentioned that too deep can have negative impacts with sulphur etc.

    Wanting to design my system to the best possible way i have a few questions.

    1) With the RDSB shown on one of the threads it appears that a 20-25lt bucket is used which is filled almot to the top, will this setup not cause the same problem as with a too deep sand bed? or has it been established that a too deep sand bed will not cause promlems?

    2) in the second compartment of the sump assuming my dsb is 12cm position a strip off class like a brace about 20cm from the bottom (i.e 8cm above sand) on wich a piece of eggcrate is positioned to place live rock, will this restrict flow and cause detritus to collect on the sand bed, could i mitigate this by using a filter sock on the tank overflow into the skimmer chamber of filter floss in the overflow chamber of the tank that will be replaced often, or is it advisable not to place LR in DSB chamber.

    2) assuming i go the rdsb could i use a custom 4ft tank or big jim plastic box plumbed above the sump such that the overflow is gravity fed back into the sump but not directly fed by the DT, the dsb will be fed from the sump via a pump. my question is were do i pull water from the sump below and were will it flow to 1) the skimmer compartment and flow back to skimmer compartment or from LR in sump compartment and directly back to the return pump compartment or from return pump comartment bach to return pump compartment.
    Reason is i want to get as little detritus to settle in the dsb area as possible.
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    while i have used a 75L dustbin for a RDSB and had no issues at all, saying that i havent really had any issues except waiting for it to kick in. i would pull the water from after the skimmer but before chemical filtration, then return the water to the last chamber
    also when using a RDSB take into account of the excess water that will drain from it to the sump if the pump turns off

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