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    We are sad to report that aquarium industry pioneer Gunther Eheim, founder of EHEIM, *passed away Saturday at the age of 93. As an entrepreneur and innovator, Mr. Eheim revolutionized the aquarium industry with the invention of the first EHEIM canister filter in 1962.*

    Disappointed with the state of air-driven filters in the industry, Mr. Eheim (August 31, 1919-February 2, 2013)*developed a filter with a sealed pump driven by a magnetic*drive to circulate water from the aquarium into a canister for both mechanical and biological filtration. The design was so success that it also found use in the medical,*laboratory*and other hi-tech*applications. By 1971, over 100,000 EHEIM aquarium filters were in use worldwide.

    The company continued to grow over the next 40 years*acquiring *Müller & Pfleger in 1993 and*Jäger in 2002. In 2008, the company introduced the third generation of filters with the introduction of the*EHEIM Professional 3e electronic canister filter. In 2012 the company rolled the MP and*Jäger trademarks into the EHEIM brand creating one unified brand with the*slogan*”quality only has a name.”

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    Interview Mr. Eheim (english) - YouTube
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    sad news, but i reckon he lived his passion and thus a good life!

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