RSS Incrediscoly outshines even the Spirograph Scolymia

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    Speaking of masterpieces, this incredible Scolymia australis dubbed the ‘Incrediscoly’ by Cherry Corals is an LPS to remember. The Incrediscoly may not have as much contrast of patterning as the original Spirograph Scolymia, but it more than makes up for it with a veritable rainbow of colored stripes. Granted this singular Scolymia australis specimen was likely photographed under the most favorable lighting conditions, but with more reefers running blue LED lights on their reef tanks these days, we can believe that the Incrediscoly looks pretty close to that in real life. The Incrediscoly was briefly listed for sale for $1200 but it was quickly snagged up by a lucky (wealthy) reefer who will certainly have a brighter holiday week because of it. Is there no limit to what crazy colors LPS coral can display? We think not.
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