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    This spectacular gold*Euphyllia that Cherry Corals shared with us has so many odd things going for it, we don’t even know where to start. Simply put, this Gold Euphyllia has the brilliant yellow color of a gold torch coral, E. glabrescens, with tentacles that show features of both wall hammer, E. ancora, and frogspawn, E divisa.

    So would you call this a Fr-ammer coral or a Ham-Spawn? Yeah we thought so too, Ham-Spawn is way better than Frammer; in your face Brett! Either way, the resulting Gold HamSpawn Euphyllia is a singular specimen of an LPS coral with brilliant color and incredibly unique tentacles.


    Euphyllia corals are highly diverse in the appearance of their tentacles, and it is not uncommon to see specimens displaying features of two species. “Frogs-torch”, “torch-spawn” and “Ham-Spawn” corals are not unheard of, they can be downright common sometimes. But a Euphyllia colony showing the features of*three different species is a new one for us.

    This particular Euphyllia three-way was collected in Australia and it has a skeleton that is about four inches across, with tissue that currently extends to five inches across. But if you have any experience with Euphyllia you know that this bad boy could expand its tissue and extend tissue-destroying tentacles much,*much further than that.


    Like the Incrediscoly and Arcohelia before it, Cherry Corals scored bit with this beautiful and rare coral specimen. This one-of-a-kind coral specimen carries with it a baller price, and it is likely to remain that way since this “wall-hammer” style coral is not very conducive to easy propagation. [Cherry Corals]

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