RSS Inch-thick EcoLamps KR90 LED light with onboard controller gets teased in Japan

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    EcoLamps has been working on a new light called the KR90 LED which is the most novel departure from their fixture design since the company first launched about three years ago. The EcoLamps KR90 is thinner and more affordable than previous LED lights from the Chinese manufacturer and the onboard controller is also much more discrete than in other models. Coming in black and silver finishes, the KR90 is less than one inch thick and it appears to have three rows of LEDs, two of them are LED clusters and another row of individual high output LEDs runs down the center. Picture-53.png

    In addition to the minimalist exterior and the slim profile, the EcoLamps KR90 gets a boost in looks by the stylish mounting bracket which slides down the middle groove of the LED fixture. Whereas previous EcoLamp controllers were placed squarely in the front center of the light, the KR90 has the entire control of both white and blue LED colors neatly recessed into the endcap.


    The Kr90 LED light from EcoLamps is just starting to trickle out of the factory and it is already shipping to some Japanese aquarists since the light is already listed for sale online. The 12″ EcoLamps KR90 consumes 30 watts of power and sells for $279 and the KR90 is available in six increments up to three feet and then in one foot (30cm) increments all the way up to five feet at $1,033 for 110 watts of power. Unlike the Special Edition KR93 designed by 1.023 World and Blue Harbor, this is a significant new design to the EcoLamps line of LED lights and we fully expect AcanLighting to import these models, but there’s no telling when that will actually translate to availability in the U.S.

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