In-sump/out-sump pro's/cons

4 Sep 2007
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hi guys, just wondering about the pro's/cons between in-sump/out-sump skimmers...

i'm a bit limited with space but i can make a plan to run my skimmer outside my sump if i have to... i need a bit more info so i can decide which way to go, please help...

in-sump pro's:
(1) if it leaks no room flooding problem
(2) perhaps a little easier to plumb from overflow?
in-sump con's:
(1) get's dirty with algae etc
(2) takes up space in sump that could be used for DSB/fuge etc

out-sump pro's:
(1) cleaner, no algae on outside
(2) frees up space in sump
out-sump con's:
(1) flooding problem etc

please add to the list thanks :)
Punk you have basically covered it, the reason the out of sump skimmers came about is because of space restrictions under displays, out of sump you are not limited to size of skimmer. Another con to Out of sump means you normally have one more pump in the system. Pump=heat=chilling=more electricity.
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