In need of a ReefTek TS2

Discussion in 'Protein Skimmers, Mechanical Filtration' started by Ari, 15 Jan 2012.

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    10 Jun 2011
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    Hey guys I just realized my skimmer is not doing its job, it stops working within a month. So i spoke to my LFS owner and he says I should get a TS skimmer. My tank is 300L with 100L sump so he said TS2 will do the job. Does anyone know of someone or is anyone planning on selling a ReefTek TS2 skimmer that can still do the job. Mabye someone professional can give me advice on another skimmer but does the same job, it's just I'm not ready to pay R2000, it's over my budget:(

    Thanx in advance:)
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