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4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
It's not often these days sadly than one gets easily impresssed with service, as a rule I generally prepare myself for a fight when something goes wrong or I need to get it fixed.

The screen on my laptop started giving problems a couple of weeks ago, started getting lines and some places were lighter than others.
I logged a call with HP's service centre on Tuesday and told them about my problem. They checked the serial number, verified that the machine was still under warrenty (Took 3 year warrenty), the machine is 2.5 years old.

Yesterday I received a call from a technician in Durban confirming the model number of my machine and said that he would be at my offices between 13H00 and 14H00 today. At 13H15 today the tech arrived with a brand new screen. Ten minutes later I'm staring at a shiny, crystal clear screen :)
No papers to sign, no questions asked nothing.

So without having a leave my chair and just one phone call my problem is sorted. That's good service !!!!

Kudo's HP, keep up the good work.
Cool man. I just got my laptops LCD and hard drive replaced this morning (dell). I'm glad I paid abt 1k extra for 3 years next business day service. I've had to have a few things replaced so I'm not so sure of the quality of their components but the service is top notch if you pay for it :p.
Imagine if we had LFS service like that!!

DELL's after sales support it done via Getronics and they are really good. Rory I'm a huge DELL fan but yeah sometimes they do strange things with the components they choose. Did you have your laptop's battery replaced?
No, I wish... My battery is pretty stuffed from when I had problems with the power connection, completely stuffed up the battery. But it's also about 2 years old. I basically always use my laptop plugged in anyway so whatever...
DELL replaced laptop batteries about 2 months ago cause they blew up in the machines..something like take the battery out and carefully place on table never come close to it again lol. Check on DELL's website about a battery recall.
Oh right. No unfortunately I didn't qualify :p
yes.thats the advantage with HP.there is always onsite repairs.being in PC and laptop sales as a sideline game,i always advise my clients to go for HP because of the backup from the company also i advise a 3 year warranty,and alot of them who had problems was really impressed with HP's backup and service.a dignostic test can also be done on the HP website,where it automatically repairs and updates drivers,fault detection and even see whats the staus on the the way not trying to be commercial.

oh yes and the same applies to Dell
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