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7 May 2007
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Gonubie East London
Hi Everyone,

We have had the unfortunate incident whereby one of our "retailers" has gone rogue and has not made payment to us for goods provided, we have given the company the benefit of the doubt yet we are met with countless excuses, and no clarity on payment dates for some months now, the owner has led us on with the most extravagant ridiculous stories and while we cannot prove if they are true or not, it should make no difference to payment or how buisness should have been conducted.

I bring this to light because I do not wish any of our clientelle who have purchased our products to fall victim to sanctions placed on this particular organisation.

In the event if warranty claims (which we have had one or 2) we are only able to assist on replacement or repair if the product has been returned for assessment as per our company policies which this organisation is aware of, we have been recieving one or two "warranty" complaints but cannot action any investigation due to the items not being returned.

In this case please do contact us directly in future and we as Reefing Solutions will honour the warranty of any of our products in the interests of great customer support, please always try your origional purchase point 1st but should they not be forthcoming with answers kindly contact us directly and we will expedite the process to the best of our ability.

For vendors wanting to know the identity of this organisation kindly feel free to contact me and I will advise you in the interests of protecting yourselves against such theft of goods.

We as Reefing Solutions have helped this vendor with reference to obtain supply from many wholesale outlets in the industry, We are hereby revoke and update this testament for the safeguard of all parties and clients as we do not feel you will be paid as wholesalers nor serviced as customers should the occasion arise.

It is sad to see a once great working relashionship and friendship dissolve due to poor communication and excuses.

We feel we have tried our best and can only now try and assist others in not experiencing the same.

Kind regards in these sad times.

Reefing Solutions


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