IMACSA - What it looks like :)

4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
For those of you attending and where wondering where you going to be spending 2 days listening to and seeing some really awesome Reefkeeping stuff.. The IMACSA committee met there today to finalise some of the Details, check it out

The area just outside the lecture halls


Another Angle


Alan and Paula look hungry already..

It's thirsty work listening to the Guru's - The bar looks like it can cope..


The exhibitors and lecture rooms are behind the doors on the left here. Couldn't take a pic from inside, they were holding conferences in all the rooms. We have booked out the whole venue for this event

The outside area if you need some fresh air... or a swim :D


The jacuzzi....


And lastly a view from another outside balcony area..

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Yip it's a top class conference centre, very popular too, they have conferences running all the time.

Also have very helpful staff and they are only too willing to accomodate our needs. Thanks to Precious Mhikze for answering questions and tending to all our needs.
What Is Imacsa Exatly, I Heard It From A Friend Could I Be Going
What Is Imacsa Exatly, I Heard It From A Friend Could I Be Going

Hey SPS welcome :D

You could indeed and should be going to IMACSA. To be in the presence of Anthony Calfo - A renowned legend in itself will be unforgetable. You will get a chance to meet other great hobbyists, as well as see a wide range of products available to us, all displayed under one roof.

As a hobbyist I want to know that I'm providing the best possible care to the delicate marine animals that I'm fortunate enough to be able to keep. I want to not only care for them, but ensure that I'm providing the best possible enviroment for them to thrive and grow. So who better to learn from but the best in the business :D

Seriously though, other than being very informative it promises to be fun as well and I'm sure more than a few laughs will be shared over the weekend.

Hope to see you there ;)
And you get to watch Alan go for an involuntary swim in that nice big swimming pool :D
Helluva nice and hardwork their Anthony and Crew!!!
Hopefully CT can reward the Durban boys in years to come!!!!;)
Hope you guys are going to take some photos for us that cant make it to IMACSA, "Someone has to stay behind to actually feed the fish that stays behind in JHB" lucky me! At least I get to look after quite a few beautiful setups and learn a lot for all my future setups! Enjoy guys! :20:
I must say this is truly a great venue with a really nice social area for general chat. As for that swim Dean we will have to see who gets the involuntary swim.
looks like a wicked venue. bloody bugger i cant make it. :arghh:

oh well, will hav to try for the next one. be sure to take plenty of pics.
I reckon we going to have to introduce Anthony Calfo to some SA tradtional shooters at that bar.. What do you'all reckon - Springboks ?
Haha... yes, springbokkies and some of that shit cape wine you buy at the supermarket in milk cartons...:lol:
The Official Countdown to IMACSA 2007 has started.

Ladies and Gentleman.. start your engines..
We are at T minus 10 days and counting :D
Best of luck with this guys,

Sorry I'm so far away but Scotland to S.A flights are a huge price for me at the moment.

Everyone Enjoy.................:wave2:
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