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4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Guy's are there any of you that will be in Durban on Friday before the conference starts or leaving on the Monday and would be interested in a behind the scenes tour of USHAKA ?

We are planning on putting together 2 behind the scenes tours for the Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon depending on who's inetrested.

The conference itself starts at 10.00am on Saturday the 18th of August and will officially end at 14H00 on Sunday 19th August.

The schedule and times of the talks will be listed shortly but a rough idea is as follows:
Saturday 18th
Saturday will predominantly be taken up with Anthony Calfo and Steven Pro on various subjects as well and coral propogation demo's.
Will also include a slide presentation of the Red Sea
Sunday will also include propogation and fragging demos and these can only be done in groups of 15-20 for maximum impact.
Also talking will be
O.R.I - Oceanic Graphic Institute on their role in the future of local Reefs
Natal Sharks Board on their involvement with Marine Ecology in SA
Dennis King - Local SA fishes and his diving experiences

The exhibitors will be available on both days and will be exhibiting throughout the conference. I'm told there will be some exciting show specials and new products that will be launched at IMACSA.

So if anyone is ineterested in a behind the scenes USHAKA tour please post here.
Keen on the Monday tour DR
Kanga you need to read more carefully...

I'm keen on the SUNDAY tour...
sorry rory thats what I meant sunday tour, leaving Monday
im keen on one of them
also in for one of the tours as well as my wife
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you gotta go on this tour, even if it's just to see the monstrous rows of skimmers they have there. mind boggling.
I'm also keen for sunday... thanks
Dragon R

6 of our Gautengers will be available for the Friday Session.

Many thanks

I think there will be 3 Cape Town guys intreasted in The Fri Tour!
Yeah, i'll be keen on the tour for friday

DR, do you perhaps know what the max size for a group is?

Oh and very important, will there be cookies and tea or beers and chips on the tour?
Thanks guy's, great response so far. Mekaeel the tours will be scheduled for the Afternoon, but I will have more details for you soon.

Regal, I think the Max would be about 30. Cookies and Tea for Synthetic salt users and Beer and chips for NSW users... :lol:
thanks mekaeel, can already see reeftoi getting us lost and we having to spend the night on the beach .....

DR, i would just like to check the time as i'm flying in friday morning some time(but i cant remember exactly what time), i doubt i'll be able to make the sunday tour so i'll rather go on the friday one. (i hope dean is on the sunday tour ..... :razz: )
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