IMACSA DVD - call for entries


7 May 2007
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Hi guys

I am going to put together a DVD of IMASA for all the guys who could not make it to the event, so What I need from you is all your photo's and footage of the event.

If you have a photo or footage you want to submit for the DVD please PM me. I will need you to e-mail me the photo with a few lines explaining the photo so we can compile it in a way that everyome knows who is who and what you were doing at the time.

Also I will take any interesting stories, so if you fancy your writing skills and you would like to do a write up, commentary or observation you can submit these as well.

If the guys who did stands can PM me and forward me photo's of their stands etc I will include this on the DVD, you guys supported the event so I hope the extra bit of advertising will help to generate business for you as well.

Anything that is too big to e-mail like video footage you can PM me your address and I will have a courier pick the tapes up ( please make copies for yourself 1st and send me the originals so we can keep the quality )

Once I have edited and authored the DVD I will take on orders to know how many copies to make so please don't tell me you want one now.. I ain't gonna remember.


I will look what photos I have available over the next few days. I only took like 400 odd. There should be something from East London to add.
Will let you know about how the video I took came out Muz. See ifit is worthwhile using...

Might have a few pic's too...
That sounds great, I don't think it will be the best DVD ever put together but I will try to add some things of interest like a 2 Oceans behind the scenes tour as well for the JHB guys.

If you have tons of photos you can just burn them to disc and post it to me.

hey muz..........thanks, that sounds in
would like to send some pics.....please send me your e-mail address
muz count me in for one when you get it rolling
I've also got a good couple of photos, I'll choose some good shots and mail them to you.
Excellent guys

Shane, Marco & Mille I have sent you guys PM's with my e-mail address..

Viper will you be sending anything in ??

Guys, it really depends a lot on how much stuff I get in, I am hoping that there will be tons of photos with stories and the odd video or 2. Next time we will video the speakers and have sound etc.. conduct interviews etc so that we can share the experience with everyone who could not go.. it is the only way I can see us increasing the support at events such as these ones !

We will see how much arrives and take it from there..


And hill.. thanks, I have PM'ed you as well !
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