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4 May 2007
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The following people are confirmed as paid in full...

Wayne T +1
Mohamed H G
Jan B +1
Edward B
Paul H
Andrew C +1
Aaron B
Francois H
Rory A
Rowan H +1
Leon d T
Timothy S H
Shane W
Garth H
Darryon B
Falko H
Poen O
Gilberto D S
Len P
Steve W
Sean S +1
Glynn F
Kevin W +1
Shyle G
Sandra G
Dave O
Tracy O
Nick M C
Chantel E
Roy J
Imraan B
Robin M +1
Neill K +1
Niall V
Rob H
Amanda H
Mekaeel K +1
Jan H V
Pat W +1
Ryan vd M +1
Alana E
Maurice M
Paul L
Cameron G
Robert vd V
Glen v N
Wikus G
Calvin K
Carl vd M
Stephen N
Andreas L
Gunter U
Mark L
William K
Tosca B
Cris B
Danie B
Marius A
Alette A
Willem J
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Hi guys,

I posted the following message in the IMACSA Bookings thread ( nearly two days ago, but no answer so far, so I'm repeating it here...

Any update (should be FINAL by now...) on the program - who's presenting what, apart from Anthony Calfo ???

Is Stephen Pro confirmed as well ?

Who are the other speakers?

Will papers / proceedings be available before (or after) the conference?

I would love to attend, but my work schedule is hectic, and I will have to make special arrangements which will cost me a lot of money... so... I must decide if it's worth it... and unfortunately one or two fragging sessions alone won't be worth it for me.

There are probably quite a few "draad sitters" like me, waiting for final details before deciding to attend...

Hi Hennie, sorry for not replying to you. I managed to get hold of Cerven last night as he is the only one that can update the imacsa website, The people from the Organising Committee will be giving him information today in order to update the website. I will also post that same info here once it is available, hopefully later today.
My information at the moment is a bit limited, but this is what I know, confirmed exhibitors at the moment are:

Northlands Pets
Sea Spirit
Eco Aquatics

Other possible Guest speakers at the conference will be
Dennis King
Oceanographic Research Institute
Natal Sharks Board

The conference will start at 10.00am on Saturday 18th and finish at about 2pm on Sunday the 19th.
Ok, confirmations as follows...


Eco Aquatics / The Waterboy
Tunze (Aqua Africa)
Sea Spirit
Northlands Pets
Exotic Pets
Natal Sharks Board
Ocean Nutrition - awaiting confirmation

Anthony Calfo - We have bought his ticket and is confirmed as attending.
Steven Pro - Unable to attend.

More info to follow as it becomes available.
Thanks for the info, Viper.

So, at this point in time, they have one confirmed guest speaker (Calfo), and not much else, apart from the exhibitors...

Are there any plans to recruit other speakers? Do we know what Anthony Calfo is going to present (topics...).

Sorry for asking these questions, but if this is truely going to be an "international" convention, and not just a gathering of hobbyists, there should be more...

Apologies if I'm stepping on any toes.

Hi guys the committee is meeting tomorrow at 2pm to finalise the programme, we unfortunately have lost Steven Pro but the good news is we are waiting to hear from David Saxby if he would be able to attend. We will put the guest speakers and the programme up from tomorrow. Anthony Calfo will be doing talks on Various subjects from the A-Z of keeping a marine aquarium, to how to photograph your aquarium to live Fragging demonstrations. This will be a full and very eventful week end.
my money will be paid in soon guys.sorry for the delay.just waiting for flight confirmations as im heading far east,its either gonna be on the 13/08 or the 20/08.will confirm the dates and will deposit.really sorry for holding back
URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please guy's this is an urgent announcemnt for those that are planning on coming to IMACSA but have not yet registered or paid.
The event is now 3 weeks away and we need to finalise the numbers urgently.

The response to this event will be an indication of wether furure IMACSA conferences will be viable and to date it has been a bit dissapointing.
This kind of oppurtunity doesn't come around every day and in the interests of putting SA on the world Reef Keeping Map we urge you to please support the event.

Anthony Calfo is planning on doing an article for C Journal, which is his own monthly magazine publication. This has world wide subscriptions, and if there was ever a time to show SA off, this is it.

Please inform friends / family / colleagues or anyone that you know that is involved in the hobby and might not know about the event to go onto the website and have a look.

Please help us to make this event every bit as succesful as possible.

Thank You
IMACSA Committee
In other words...SIGN UP....SIGN UP.....SIGN UP :D:D:D:D

Tell you what, if at least another 10 people sign up today, I promise to throw Alan into the swimming pool :D
There is a very strong rumour (Consider it fact) that there will be a lucky draw Seio Pump somewhere in that swimming pool over the weekend... The person who finds it and Dives it out gets to take it home.. No fishing nets or poles allowed.. But a Mask and snorkel will be provided :D
There is a very strong rumour (Consider it fact) that there will be a lucky draw Seio Pump somewhere in that swimming pool over the weekend... The person who finds it and Dives it out gets to take it home.. No fishing nets or poles allowed.. But a Mask and snorkel will be provided :D
well i guess thats going to millepora then lol
No Mille is not allowed to dive for hidden treasure, he does that all the time :)

BTW no wet suites allowed ;)
Mmm seems if the sponsors are coming on board nicely :D I believe there will be a couple of lucky pool dip prizes and a few other surprises in store for the weekend...

There will also be personalised Anthony Calfo Posters as lucky draw prizes for those that register on line for the event. The posters are very cool, from his coral series.. I need to get my hands on one of those.
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