IM1000 Dual Recirculating Skimmer and...

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9 May 2007
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I am looking to sell the abovementioned skimmer. It has 2 x Hailea 1750lph pumps for recirculation. This skimmer has a screw off collection cup Adriaan says that these were better, will have to check with him why he says this though.

I would like R2300 for this skimmer and am prepared to throw in 2x 80 w T5 single lamp ballast and 1 x 59w T5 double lamp ballast with one 2 month old lamp as a deal sweetener. May be able to negotiate ( I have a few new metal halide 150w lamps laying around) on this point but not on the end price unfortunately.

I also have an Aqua C Remora Pro for R1500-00 (including pump) but I will only sell one skimmer and the preference is for the IM1000 to go.

I guess I could ship at the buyers expense but my preference is not to shiP, I am in Florida, Roodepoort.

That IM is an awesome skimmer. Good price too.

You upgrading Fickie ?
'Have you got a pic?' - Sims
Not at the moment, skimmer is with Adriaan as it had a small leak on the base, (I guess this is what happens when things lay around for months on end!). I should have it back tomorrow.

'You upgrading Fickie ?
Anthony '
Yep, replacing this with a DDNW-250, in hindsight I shoulda just posted the Aqua C, dunno what the hell I was thinking??!! hopefully will upgrade the Ca RX as well, another brand new item laying ariound for 2 years! Silly ne?
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