RSS Illumin8 LED striplights from CoralVue offer basic solid state efficiency

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    Illumin8 is a new line of LED striplights from CoraLVue which will come in three basic colors. These simple, efficient Illumin8 LED strips are powered by one watt blue or white SMT LEDs made by Epistar in either a 460nm blue, 10,000 Kelvin white or a 50/50 mix with an even blend of both blue and white colors. The Illumin8 LED strips from CoralVue are not here to break records, or to grow the heck out of light-demanding corals but they should be a simple and elegant way to add accent lighting, moon lighting or straightforward illumination to fish-only and quarantine tanks. If your store is sick of replacing old and hot fluorescent bulbs or if you just need to culture some low light corals in shallow tanks, an assembly of Ilumin8 LED strips ought to be plenty of photon power for the job. CoralVue will soon begin shipping the Illumin8 LED strips in three and four foot lengths which use 27 and 36 watts respectively.
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