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    At first glance, the iGlo WiFi LED controller campaign on Kickstarter is just another cool and semi-useful LED project on the crowd-funding site, but when you start peeling back the layers and realize the iGlo platform has the potential to unleash a pretty cool software*development*kit (SDK) for third-party applications that could “kickstart” more innovation in the aquarium LED market.

    In case you haven’t seen it, the iGlo system is a wireless LED controller with the ability to control your LEDs from a mobile app or wireless connection. *By making lighting control easier and simpler, you open up some pretty cool opportunities with the controller. The iGlo system has received some pretty significant press from MacLife, Engadget and Gizmodo and are offering you the chance to get on board with their campaign to help take the app to the next level.

    Let’s face it, in the industry we need to focus more energy and effort on product development and less on creating and writing code to run a light on a smartphone or PC. Software development is costly and lengthy and guess what, it gets passed on to the consumer. By being able to work with an SDK, development time can be cut and overall costs can be lowered allowing lighting manufacturers to focus on killer lights.

    So if you are interested and have money to spare, check out the Kickstarter campaign with options from the $2 John Cusack level (for anyone who hasn’t seen “Better of Dead,” trust us, this is funny) all the way up to $9,999 levels where they will develop a custom app for your company.

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