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    He may be fictitious but we already love the character that is featured in the new commercial for Velveeta Mac’n Cheese.*Their aquarium store guy won’t sell you a labradoodle and he won’t let you have just any fish you want. Exacting standards and a high level of scrutiny ensures that the OCD /retentive Aquarium Store Guy will make sure your fresh, salt or brackish aquarium water is perfect just the same way he makes sure that his instant mix for Mac’n Cheese is also pretty exacting. Precision, aquatic, manipulation. On the surface it seems like this commercial has no bearing in the aquarium world but like the two primetime aquarium Television shows that are going on second seasons, it’s super cool to see “Aquarium Culture” becoming more and more a part of pop culture – not because we want to be popular but because aquariums are completely and inherently cool to everyone.
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