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    Hi Guys

    Enjoy the specials and our new corals.

    We have a fantastic special on our Radion LED's They are going for R5498.

    Have you ever considered buying an Idol marine aquarium.

    We have three basic setups that have been heavily marked down to make them more affordable. (view these below)

    We still then customise the rest to suit your requirements and create a true Idol marine system.

    What Idol Marine offers is quality that is modular, you can start with basic quality and add to it as your wallet allows.

    Buy something tailored for you. Be aware that the standard all-inclusive set-ups are very often inadequate, and always very difficult to modify to your requirements.

    Let the experts create something special for you, don't settle for out- the- box.

    An Idol Marine aquarium offers far better quality and is often less expensive than the alternatives.

    I have added some more info on the new EVO cooler. We have completely redesigned and upgraded our cooler. The new one is potent.

    This evaporative cooler not only costs about half of what a chiller would, it uses 13watts of electricity instead of 1000watts. That's a huge saving.

    Here is a recent installation pic of one that we built a little glass stand for.


    The new cooler is much more efficient than the previous one and the new design takes care of any issues that arise with the old one.
    This tank is a 700l litre tank and the Evo cooler it from 28degrees down to sub 25 in two hours. WOW!!!!! That is potent. And it used 13 watts to do it.
    Another benefit of these coolers is that they cool the air around them unlike the chiller which heats its surroundings.

    Come and talk to us about this fantastically useful and powerful tool in keeping your tank cool in summer.

    This week we received a fantastic coral shipment from Indonesia. Here are some pics taken today.



    So come through to Idol this weekend.

    We hope to see you here.

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