ID starfish please

Discussion in 'ID Needed' started by warrmich, 11 Oct 2016.

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    bluff kwazulu natal
    Hi guys, I'm always careful what goes in the tank.....with that in mind, this little guy appeared out of no where. I always scrutinize corals and rocks that get added and I've never seen him before. He is pink and grey mottled with small yellow tips at the end of each arm. Hope he is coral safe. IMG_20161011_225849.jpg IMG_20161011_225847.jpg IMG_20161011_225856.jpg
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  3. viper357

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    4 May 2007
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    Not sure on this one, certainly doesn't look like the normal asterina or cushion stars we normally get as hitch-hikers. I'm going to take a guess at possibly a type of juvenile Fromia species?
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