ID Something on Sun Coral

15 Jun 2007
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Kuilsriver - Western Cape
Hey guys, I have actually two items that need ID's.

The 1st is someting I noticed today coming out of a dead sun coral head. It looks like a couple of very fine copper wires, about 1 cm long, with what seems like a worm with 2 "tentacles" protruding from it. The "copper wires" are just as I named it, copper in colour, and it shimmers ander tha halide. These are the only pics I could get of it, if it's visible...



Secondly, I have had my PB for a month now, and it is quite healthy, couldn't see any sickness or stress or anything else on it. It's been eating since day one (really good), the colours are super and he's nice and fat. Then I saw now his dorsal fin has been damaged. This I noticed when he was "hovering" next to the Mandarin, shaking his fins next to it. When the Mandarin turned away, so did he...?

Anycase, this is the damage... Could it have been caused by just LR, or could the Mandarin have damaged it. I only have the Mandarin, PB and 2 clowns. And then, would these wounds heal again, and how long should it take? Very concerned about him, really like him alot...



Please help...:blushing:
Top piccie could be a spionid worm or similar, but as for the damage to your PB i can't see how the mandarin could have "attacked" it, clowns possibly but more likely the live rock
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