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Discussion in 'ID Needed' started by Timone, 2 May 2011.

  1. Timone


    16 Nov 2010
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    I don't have a pic yet but need to know the ID of a Crab just found in my tank. I have since sumped him.
    He looks like a black version of a emerald crab. He is a hitchhicker. The second one on the same piece of coral i got.
    Will have a pic by tomorrow. He is black with a type of web back feet. He has a rounded body with small bumps on the top of its body.
    Any ideas so far will post a photo tomorrow night. He only comes out at night.
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  3. viper357

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    4 May 2007
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    You're going to have to get some really good close up pics from different angles to be able to get a proper ID, even then you probably won't get one, there must be hundreds or maybe thousands of different types of marine crabs, best option is to put him in the sump with a piece of live rock to live in, feed him occasionally and let him live out his life.:)
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