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8 May 2007
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IceCap K2 protein skimmers were first unveiled by CoralVue at MACNA in Washington D.C. and now they are in stock and available for purchase. CoralVue brought in all four models of the new protein skimmers which bear the iconic IceCap brand name, and are really well thought out.

The IceCap K2 protein skimmers come in four sizes, ranging from the tiny K2-200 for $129 to the pretty hefty K2-160 for $399. All three larger models of IceCap protein skimmers are equipped with an industry standard Sicce PSK needle wheel pump while the smallest model if sporting a ‘DC Air 700.

With so many skimmers offering the same pump models in similar protein skimmer body sizes, the IceCap K2 skimmers aren’t making grand claims of greatly improving efficiency. However it’s the combination of a reasonable price and many other thoughtful touches that make this new line of protein skimmers worthy of consideration.

First of all, the unique gate valve design which allows the IceCap K2 skimmers to be ‘pipeless’ imparts on them a remarkably small footprint. The bubble diffuser design of the IceCap K2 skimmers is quite unique, it looks like it will be really effective at reducing turbulence and we look forward to seeing it in action. However many other small features of the IceCap K2 line will grab the attention of protein skimmer power users.

There’s a built in measurement scale on the skimmer cup to monitor the rate of skimmate accumulation and on the gate valve to put a number to your skimmer’s unique water level setting. Finally, the IceCap skimmers look simply well built when we saw them at MACNA a few months ago, and it will be interesting to see how this new line is received by the reef aquarium hobby. [CoralVue]
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