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8 May 2007
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The IceCap K2 protein skimmer is a new line of fancy foam fractionators from CoralVue which takes the best features of modern protein skimmers and brings them altogether in a fairly progressive package. The IceCap K2 is pretty standard issue of the best we expect from protein skimmers these days, with an iconic Sicce PSK needle wheel pump at its core, a bubble plate, air silencer and an overall attractive fit and finish.

Certain functional and aesthetic design touches really help the IceCap K2 protein skimmer not fall into the me-too skimmer category. First thing you’ll notice about the K2 skimmers from IceCap is the pipeless design which uses a gate valve instead of any kind of tubing to direct outgoing water out of the skimmer.

Secondly, the K2 has a novel bubble diffuser design with the diffuser holes on the outside of a acrylic disc. The unusual bubble diffuser design coupled with a particularly elongated cone in the body might create a particular geometry which could result in some interesting fluid dynamics.

Other design flourishes like the ability to completely disassemble the protein skimmer body, using titanium screws and the really small footprint will make the IceCap K2 skimmers a compelling protein skimmer series. Speaking of series, CoralVue is offering the IceCap K2 skimmers in three sizes, the K2-120 for tanks up to 100 gallons, the K2-180 for tanks up to 200 gallons and the K2-220 which is rated for tanks up to 500 gallons, but that a lot to ask of a skimmer using just one pump.

CoralVue did not demo the IceCap K2 skimmers while running on seawater, but they looked darn good on the show floor. We’ll have to wait until November 2015 to find out how the skimmers really perform when they are slated to hit the marine aquarium market.

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