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8 May 2007
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The IceCap Gyre Interface Module is an interesting new device from CoralVue which proves that the aquarium hobby is stronger through collaboration. Made by CoralVue under the IceCap brand, the IceCap Gyre Interface Module connects the Gyre Pump made by MaxSpect to the Apex controller made by Neptune Systems.

The simple $99 Gyre Module essentially replaces the Gyre pump controller and its programming by making it a slave to connection with the Apex aquarium controller. The Interface Module by IceCap uses a 1-10v input cable to be controlled by any number of third party aquarium controllers but who are we kidding, we all know most reefers will be connecting it to an Apex anyway.

By making the Gyre pump communicate with another controller, you can now program the pump to change its flow speed and intensity as much as you’d like, and if you have multiple Gyres and Icecap interface Modules, you can even program features to have pumps working at the same time (sync) or alternating in anti-sync modes.

Another great feature of the Gyre interface module is that it includes a special port to accept power input from the new IceCap Backup battery. IceCap was the first brand to make a backup battery for the inimitable Vortech pump and the idea has been resurrected to bring backup power to the newly popular MaxSpect Gyre pump as well.

The IceCap Battery Backup will be compatible with most DC variable speed pumps that run on 12 to 24v of power for up to 35 hours. However, if you want automatic backup capabilities with your pump you’ll need to have a pump with a backup battery port such as a Vortech or a Gyre pump using the IceCap Gyre Interface Module to get that kind of peace of mind.

The new IceCap Gyre Interface Module is shipping now for $99 and the IceCap battery backup will ship later this month for an unannounced price. [CoralVue]


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