I need a new sump and need some help

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    21 Oct 2008
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    Blouberg by the sea
    Hi Guys

    I have finally decided that I have had enough of struggling every week when I clean my tank - the area that my sump is in, is terribly small and only has 2 chambers.

    In order to clean / replace the filter floss (which I know is a problem), it's a complete nightmare and I think it's time to rebuild as soon as possible.

    I currently have a 300l tank.

    The sump consists of 3x chambers, but effectively only really 2....because:
    I have a trickle system which brings water from the tank into top "chamber" which has holes in the bottom. Water goes through filter floss (pffft arghh) & carbon, down into bottom chamber1. This contains heater and more dreaded floss & phos remover.
    Water goes UNDER chamber 1 into chamber2 which has return pump and skimmer....which I realise is NOT ideal to have both in same chamber.

    There is unfortunately no other way that this system can work other than the way it is set up at the moment, so I would like to "upgrade".


    I need suggestions on what to do in terms of:
    New sump design (I think the standard is to go for 3 chambers, first for skimmer & heater, 2nd for dsb and 3rd for return pump).

    Also, I don't know where to start, wouldn't know who to speak to about getting it built or the right size or specs of it.
    What this could potentially cost either....
    Also, I would think this would require a new sump OUTSIDE the cupboard that the current one is in because it's too small to do much with.
    What do I do with current sump?
    What do I do about an auto top up in all of this?
    How do I even get the water to do what it needs to do in terms of going from tank to sump and back to tank when the sump is outside & currently the water comes down through a pipe in the centre of my tank.

    Me "Bridget" - not so good at DIY boy stuff and would love some help please...

    Here's a couple of pics of my current sump (old pics now):


    Please help :032:
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  3. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Ok, found your introduction thread
    You got a round tank. Nice looking

    You can get a little bit bigger sump in there, but the gains will be nothing. Nothing more you can do with the space underneath. Anyway you can not get this one out without emptying the tank to remove that central brace.

    Only option I can see is to have another cupboard to the left of the tank. Where the plant stands under the mirror. Like a sideboard. Leave the current sump for your Skimmer and heater. That is it.

    In sideboard you can setup a 1 to1.2 by .4m tank with DSB and return chamber. Look at how my two sumps are connected. PlayStation II - Medium Tanks
    Almost set up as a remote sump.

    If possible get the cabinet made in same dark wood. And it will look not like a filter but like a sideboard.

    Other than that, I really do not know how you will improve your sump by only using the current area you have.
  4. mnd123


    5 Mar 2008
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    Fourways Gardens
    Meece, could you not build a "box" the same sort of style as the cabinet and plonk it in place of the pot plant? That would allow you far more freedom, then just plumb the tank into this sump.
  5. OP


    21 Oct 2008
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    Blouberg by the sea
    yeah, yeah, that's exactly what I meant...moving out of my current area and into a bigger space, sorry if I wasn't very clear.
    Something similar to what Bushman did - built one outside the cupboard and put a cabinet around it.

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