I might aswel add my tank pics to this forum

18 Jan 2015
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So here is a short rundown of the tank.

Dimensions are 1200mm x 650w x 550h
10mm glass.
Lighting : zetlight zt 6600 unit
Protein skimmer : reef octopus with bubble magus sp4000 pump
I am running a mediaReactor from thewaterboy with ATI phosphate remover.
I built a diy algae scrubber that has been working great for many months and still doing a great job. I am always harvesting green hair algae from it but still do not get any hair algae in the display tank what's ever.
My return pump is 9000L/H which is pretty strong but it is Teed off from a manifold to the algae scrubber and the media Reactor.
I started the tank with aragonite sand from Carib sea and some well cycled live rock bought from another reefer.
Slowly added corals and fish. My tank went through the usual ugly stage cycles. Diatoms were wild in the first couple months. Then went to the red cyano bacteria/red slime algae. Then all started looking lovely and it's been that way for long now.
I use mixed salt, seachem vibrant. with an rodi unit for top off water also.
Water changes have actually been on the low side.. I have been maintaining with just 20 litre water change ever ever say week and a half.
And a larger 50 litre water change maybe once a month.
A dose red sea abc+ to maintain my parameters and occasionally red sea foundation b to up the alk abit.

Livestock at the moment is
1 Powder blue tang
1 stripped bristle tooth tang
1 green chromis
1 engineer goby
1 cleaner wrasse
1 yellow tail damsel
1 spotted puffer fish not sure exact species.
1 oscellaris clown
1 true percular clown

Clean up crew consists of different species of snails.. Hermit crabs.. An urchin.. Coral banded shrimp.. I couple of bristle stars.. Pincushion stars..

Corals I have softies and lps but am slowly moving away from softies and wanting to stock dominantly with lps.

Not sure what else to mention about the tank. Feel free to ask any questions if youre interested in knowing anything else:thumbup::slayer::thumbup:
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26 Jun 2020
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Im nowhere near a real expert but what I have learned the more water you can push through your filtration system the better! I am big voter for that+++ your tank kooks awesome
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