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    Isn’t it a pain to try to keep mental tabs of how much water the Reverse Osmosis has produced? Instead of counting up how many times you’ve filled and emptied a particular vat, you could try something a wee bit more precise like the Hydrologic Flowmaster. The Flowmaster is an elegant digital solution to metering your RO’s water production that snaps neatly in-line with the semi rigid tubing typical of Reverse Osmosis units.

    The Hydrologic Flowmaster is the second volumetric flowmeter we’ve covered, after the HM Digital volumizer from Bulk Reef Supply. Having a digital flowmeter helps to more accurately gauge when filter cartridges, membranes and resins need to be changed or recharged. The Flowmaster from Hydrologic can be programmed to alert you with beeps that a certain volume threshold has been reached; that’s a really nice feature. A high flow model is sensitive in the range from 0.2 to 2 gallons per minute and comes with 3/8″ connectors for the big boy RO units. The Hydrologic Flowmaster is available from Sunlight Supply and it carries an MSRP of $54.
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