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8 May 2007
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The Hydrofill Ti (Titanium) Controller and Pump are Innovative Marine’s first refresh to the hardware for their automatic top off kit.The Titanium upgrade to the Hydrofill Controller and ATO Pump sees both of these products getting better, and significantly cheaper.

The Hydrofill Pump has been the largest (water) diaphragm pump available to the aquarium market for several years now, Meanwhile the Hydrofill Controller paired with the pump to create a complete kit for topping off reef tank reservoirs for nano and jumbo tanks alike.

Today Innovative Marine announced the Hydrofill Titanium Controller which replaces graphite probes for probes made of titanium-coated copper, and it is less than half the price of its predecessor. Copper is an industrial metal with very high conductivity and by coating it with titanium, the new Hydrofill Ti Controller is more sensitive to water level height via conductivity sensing than ever before.

All float “switches” in the broad sense of the word, require some kind of routine maintenance and servicing, whether we’re talk about float valves, actual switches, temp sensors or conductivity. In order to ensure that their new Hydrofill ATO Controller works in tip top shape, the new probes on the Hydrofill Ti Controller are completely removable and serviceable so you can be sure to keep your ATO machine accurate and precise.

The Titanium refresh to the Hydrofill ATO system wouldn’t be complete without some new hardware to actually refill the tank, and therefore the huge Hydrofill diaphragm pump also gets the Ti treatment. Most of the changes to the Hydrofill Titanium ATO Pump are on the inside and with the packaging, streamlining this product to just the pump in order to get the price as affordable for users as possible.


As of today, the Innovative Marine Hydrofill Titanium pump will cost just $69 and the controller also gets a priced slashing going from $199 to also $69! Innovative Marine has made up a lot of ground to take their complete Auto Top Off kit from $300 to just $139 for both the pump and the controller. The only thing ‘missing’ is the acrylic ATO return bracket which neatly guides water lines back into the tank but at $23 on its own. we commend IM for making this accessory optional.
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