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    The Hydrofill ATO pump by Innovative Marine is the first real new diaphragm water*pump to arrive on the aqarium market in a really long time. For years aquarists needing a low volume, high pressure water filling pump had to rely on pretty much the only pump available to us, the ToM Lifter pump.

    However the ToM Lifter maxes out around 3.5 gallons per hour and a maximum height of 30 inches (75cm). After more than two years of intensive development by Innovative Marine they have engineered their new*super lifter the Hydrofill ATO Pump to perform at a significantly higher level than this. Using a similar diaphragm water pushing system, the uber-silent Hydrofill ATO pump pushes up to 15 gallons per hour to a height of five feet – that’s pushing or pulling so the pump can be placed anywhere between the reservoir and the sump.

    hydrofill-pump.jpgInnovative Marine will begin shipping the new Hydrofill ATO Pump August 1st when it will retail for $99. As part of the first devices for IM’s new AquaGadget line, the Hydrofill ATO Pump is a complete kit with power supply, 10 feet of silicone tubing, a mounting bracket and another bracket for securing the water line to the edge of a sump or tank. On its own the Hydrofill ATO pump is a great and whisper quiet way to dose moderate amounts of water for top off and other uses although it is intended to be used with a controller, either by a third party or in conjunction with the Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO Controller launching at the same time as the Hydrofill ATO Pump.

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