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    The Hydrofill ATO Controller from Innovative Marine’s new Aqua Gadget line appears to be quite the device for maintaining water level in a sump or aquarium. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Hydrofill ATO Pump, the Controller is where the sensing and water level gets determined.


    Like the Hydrofill Pump the Hydrofill controller is built from the ground up to be extremely easy to use, impervious to*disturbances*and highly reliable. Unlike the mechanical switches of other ATO controllers, the Hydrofill ATO Controller uses conductivity sensors across no fewer than four points, two each at high and low water level with enough redundancy for a snail to ride the probe without trouble.


    For ease of installation the Hydrofill ATO Controller can be mounted virtually anywhere with provided two-sided tape while the water level probes are mounted to tank or sump walls using tiny yet powerful neodymium magnets. The use of several indicator LEDs allows the user to know when power is applied and at what level the water surface is currently riding.

    Launching August 1st with a retail price of $199 the Hydrofill ATO Controller can power up to a 1000 watt dosing pump, and it comes with a two year warranty. Combined with the $99 ATO Pump the Hydrofill system has the potential to be the kind of auto top off system which carries a fair price while also being dead simple for the most novice aquarists to take home and install.

    Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump System - YouTube


    * 2 Year Warranty

    * Conductivity Method

    * For use in Fresh & Marine Applications

    * Controller Dims: 3.35” x 1.18” x 5.12”

    * Includes Double Sided Adhesive

    *1000W, 8Amp/120V Pump Capacity

    * Power Consumption: 1 Watt

    * Visual LED indicators

    a. Power -Red

    b. Level – Green

    c. Low Level – Green

    d. Water Filling – Pulsing Green


    * Small Form Factor: 0.91” x 1.06” x 2.64”

    * (2) Sensor Design

    * Safe 5V Low Voltage

    * 6 foot sensor cables

    * (2) Rare Earth Neodymium Magnetic Sensor Holders

    * Chemically Inert Graphite Electrodes

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