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8 May 2007
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HydroClear and HydroClear XP is Two Little Fishies’ new pre-rinsed and pre-packaged chemical media filtration products. Both media bags help to create clear and colorless water which is beneficial for the health of the aquarium corals, fish and invertebrates, and helps to promote a lower nutrient environment for the general well-being of the entire aquarium.

There are many pre-packaged chemical medias available on the market today but if you’re particularly fond of Two Little Fishies’ own HydroCarbon 2 and Phosban, then the two new HydroClear products are for you. HydroClear is 200 grams of HydroCarbon 2, pre-rinsed and enclosed in a media bag which can easily slip into power filters, parts of your sump, or wherever your aquarium has good water flow-through.

HydroClear activated carbon on the left, HydroClear XP with added GFO on the right

HydroClear XP is a combination of HydroCarbon 2 and Phospban to polish aquarium with a one-two punch of removing dissolved organics by the activated carbon, and adsorbing phosphate directly by the PhosBan. HydroClear XP should be rinsed gently, but not tumbled to prevent any grinding of the media which might break it down into smaller components.

Both new chemical media offerings from Two Little Fishies are convenient like Chemipure or Blue Life Clear Fx, but not the most economical route to take if you incorporate a lot of activated carbon and GFO in your aquarium water maintenance routine. If you’re switching out the chemical media every three to six months as Two Little Fishies reccommends then yeah, by all means get the pre-packaged media for your tank. But we however prefer to change chemical media closer to every four to six weeks, so it’s a good thing HydroClear comes with a reusable bag.

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