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8 May 2007
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The HyperDrive generation of the Hydra 26 & 52 HD LED light is the most significant advancement in high tech LED reef aquarium lighting in a long while. First introduced at MACNA a month ago, the HD edition of the Hydra 26 and Hydra 52 get some serious new functionality including HyperDrive power management, AI-FI connectivity to your home router, and a slight LED refresh.

Since the Hydra HD has the ability to intelligently redistribute power between the seven color channels, long gone are the days where we purchased a 100 watt fixture only to have it run at partial intensity for 90% of the time. This means that with the HyperDrive Hydras you can not only fine tune the color spectrum of the diverse diodes to your liking, but you can get more of the light colors you like the most.

The other real stand-out feature of the Hydra HD is the AI-FI connectivity that links directly to your home route for control of all the light’s features right in myAI. Last week we travelled to Aqua Illumination headquarters to get the low-down on this light from the ground-up, and the inside out. We sat down with Patrick Clasen and went over all the answers to your burning questions about the Hydra HD LED fixtures.

Aqua Illumination Hydra HyperDrive LED Interview Final - YouTube
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