RSS Hydor & Prodibio ink huge distribution deal for US & Canada aquarium market

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    Prodibio will now be widely available in US & Canada right alongside Hydor products.*Of all the bacterial additives available to the aquarium trade over the years, Prodibio has long been a leader in the European aquarium market but seemingly hit or miss in availability in the North American scene. In the works for most of this year, Hydor’s deal to distribute Prodibio’s glass-vialed aquarium additives should mean a lot more Prodibio available at aquarium stores in North America.

    We’ve been using the pre-loaded glass vials of Prodibio for many years now, particularly useful for starting tanks and dabbling in liquid carbon dosing using Prodibio’s Biodigest bacteria cultures and Bioptim nutrient source. Also available from Prodibio are the two-part calcium and alkalinity in glass vials, Nano-Prodibio vial packs with diluted elements for tiny tanks and sure to be a big hit are the new medications for common fish diseases found in the Prodibio Aquarium Cure Program.

    Hydor’s deal to distribute Prodibio products positions the Italian company uniquely in the*aquarium*trade. With its own line of pumps, protein skimmers and calcium reactors, Aquatronica electronic aquarium devices and now with additives from Prodibio you can almost set up an entire reef tank using only aquarium products whose distribution is curated by Hydor. To celebrate the increased push into the North American aquarium market Prodibio has launched a revamped website, a new facebook page and a YouTube channel so that potential users have a trinity of outlets to learn more about what Prodibio has to offer.

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