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    hybrid-triggerfish.jpg This hybrid triggerfish is believed to be a cross between Rhinecanthus aculeatus and R. rectangulus.

    Rhinecanthus-aculeatus-hybrid-300x173.jpg Hybrid triggerfish are so rare, we struggle to think of an example besides this one of cross breeding in the Balistidae. We’re sure that other triggerfish hybrid are out there but there’s definitely one or two orders of magnitude more angelfish hybrids and tang hybrids showing up in the aquarium world.

    This particular hybrid triggerfish originally acquired by LiveAquaria is believed to be a hybrid between the Picasso triggerfish, Rhinecanthus acleatus, and the rectangle triggerfish, Rhinecanthus rectangulus. The Picasso triggerfish hybrid was first illustrated over two years ago in the photograph by Kevin Kohen and it has since grown from barely two inches long to about four inches and we hope to document it further in the future.
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