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    The HydroWizard Small is just around the corner and for their third water pump release, Panta Rhei decided to go for a change up in the controller side of the pump. Upon release the HydroWizard Small will be officially referred to as the HW42, and it will come with a simple yet elegant controller with no buttons or switches, no touch-sensitive buttons, but a magnet.

    A small magnetic “switch” is physically removable from the controller faceplate for the HW42, and placing it on the “OFF” or “ON” spaces is how you activate the pump. When placed on the “ON” space, the magnetic knob can be turned to increase flow speed which is relatively indicated with three indicator LEDs which light up green up to 50% power, and then light up orange/yellow for the remaining power level of the HW42.

    The thinking at Panta Rhei about the smaller, consumer grade HW42 is that it is more likely to be in reach of children and adults who don’t know better than to touch other people’s stuff. Once your pump is set to your desired flow speed, the magnetic knob can simply be removed and placed away from the controller, where it will promptly be lost be out of reach.

    HW42 Quick Start - YouTube[​IMG]
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