Huge specials on fish,corals,salts an supplements

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    Regal tang R595
    Selaris goby R69
    Scopa tang R149
    Large lipstick tang R795
    Medium lipstick tang R245
    Raccoon butterfly R155
    Niger trigger R149
    Large koran angel R295
    Falcula butterfly R195
    Sixspot goby R145
    Valentini puffer R95
    Skunk clown R69
    Bennetti butterfly R269
    Yellow breasted tamarin R195
    Vlamingi surgeon R198
    Mandarin fish R180
    Scooter blenny R79
    Bicolour angel R169
    Clarkii clown R69
    Banggai cardinal R169
    Lyretail anthias R59
    20kg Aquamedic salt R465
    Aquamedic RO units R1150
    20% off all Ocean Nutrition
    20% off all corals
    Huge specials on Red Sea, Seachem, Brightwell& Kent
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