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    information on this giant Japanese reef tank is scant yet we do know that this is one big honkin’ reef tank. Measuring in at 14,000 liters or about 3700 gallons, the reefscape of this tank is dominated by many large colonies of stony corals, many of which are slower growing types like the two large Lobophyllia colonies in the front sand bed and a few jumbo plates of Turbinaria. Either this individual has been growing these corals for a really, really long time or he had some connections to suppliers of really large coral colonies. But hey, with 6150 watts of light spread between 12 x 400w and 9 x 150w metal halides, it is entirely possible that this individual has reproduced breakneck coral growth which is sometimes possible in huge volumes of water. Follow the source link to see how small kids look next to this giant Japanese reef tank.

    [via Shikorosango]
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