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First of sign up a free account with Photobucket if you dont have one already at Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

Step 1


Step 2
Once you have done that this screen will appear.
Click the Browse button

Step 3
Find the file you want on your computer and click open

Step 2 (alternative method)
If you want to upload several pictures and you have a fast connection, use the bulk uploader, it will resize you pictures as well


Step 4

Once you have selected the file click upload


Step 5
Click the image code under the picture you want to post Make sure it is the one with tags, a yellow text box will appear saying [COPIED][/FONT]


Step 6
[FONT=Arial]Once you have copied IMG code in Photobucket, return to MASA and paste the code in the reply box of the thread you want the picture to appear[/FONT]

You should now have you picture posted:thumbup:


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Kanga, what about video? I have 2 short video clips on photobucket that I want to past in the forum. Do I still cut and paste the IMG code or do I use one of the other codes?
Not if you have a couple of images to post, Photobucket you can just select a couple and they will all upload, not 1 by 1 like the MASA image uploader.

Can't be that hard.

I have uploaded over 970 images this way :whistling:
does any one know how to upload a video with photobucket? my video is already on photobucket and i can watch it, just cant post it to masa.
its of my clams spawning.
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