How to Post pictures on MASA

31 Oct 2014
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Cape Town
Hey Ladies and Gents,

i thought i would start a post for the new people to MASA and for the people like my Dad, who moves his phone back and forth to focus and see whats on the screen :lol:

first, either start a new thread, or post in an existing thread,


then once the window opens it will look like this:


CLICK on the little icon ive circled:


when the window opens it will look like this, CLICK on the SELECT IMAGE button:


Then once the window opens, you will need to go and find the picture(s) you want to upload,
do this by HOLDING down Ctrl and clicking on the images you want to upload,
once you have picked your pitures, Click on the OPEN button:


NOTE* you can only upload 5 at a time

you will then see an Upload bar, wait for it to complete:
once it is completed,
click on the UPLOADED INFROMATION button, pointed out below:


then it will show you a preview of each of the pctures you uploaded and the IMAGE LINKS codes used for MASA,

now to add the pictures to your post you need to

1. Click on the BBCode (FORUMS) entry, Doing this will Highlight the whole code:

2. Right click on the highleted code and Click COPY

3. Go back to the New thread on the MASA website, and where you want the image to be posted, RIGHT CLICK, and select Paste:


then after all that is done
you will not see a picture, UNTILL you click on the "Submit New Thread" or if you are posting the pic in an existing forum "Post Quick Reply" button:

post your thread, and wait for all the reefer nutters to come and oogle your masterpeice!!

good luck, may the force be with you!
Thanks for taking the time do do this. Very helpful. :thumbup:
Mobile/Tablet users: The new Upload button (pictured below)(it's not actually new, it used to be a paperclip :p) is what mobile users can use to upload pics directly from their devices, it should work on all ipads, iphones and Android phones and tablets, although Androids may have to use the Chrome browser, it seems a bit dodgy in the default Android browser.

Great thread!
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