How to identify corals

7 Jul 2013
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Hey guys, are there any links or websites that can help with ID and things like common names, scientific names light and flow requirements? Would be very keen
Can anyone help with the ID of this coral ? This is not the greatest pic but the coral is a purple color with bright green polyps and is a VERY slow grower (when compared to a bird's nest coral for example) Any idea ?

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Unless we are professionally qualified to id corals its difficult. Us hobiest and lfs and exporters are challenged by this (we are not trained in this field, so when an lfs tells you its a euphylia ancora, that's what his exporter marked on the list in his order)and we sell corals based on what our order sheet state's. We gain experience as we go along. Google only recommends what is submitted. So if 1000 peeps post the wrong thing google will recommend it. So Google valida its only because that's what most submissions to Google was.
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