How to frag Pink colt leather

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by CW, 11 Feb 2011.

  1. CW


    2 Dec 2010
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    Hi there ppl.

    I dont realy want to do this but i might have to.

    Ive got 2 leathers. One green finger leather and one pink colt.
    To days ago i had a temp proplem. Ja stupid me never turned on the DIY fan chiller i made.

    So now the pink colt and green finger leather suffered a bit.
    The green finger looks ok. But the pink colt dont.

    The LR it was stuck to broke almost in half at before i got it.
    He was still fine.
    Now after this heat problem he started to look like it was its first day in my tank.
    This morning when i had a look it looks like a part of the pink colt that was stuck to the bigger piece of LR started to come off.

    Now it looks like that piece is dieing.
    I knog fraging it now isent good but i was thinking to frag the part of the pink col still attatched to the smaller LR (wich still looks ok).

    Is this wize to do or must i just wait till i do water change saterday and leave it another week to see what happens?

    Please help ppl.

    Cw out:(
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  3. butcherman

    butcherman Moderator

    7 Sep 2009
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    Kempton Park
    got a pic of the clot?
  4. CW

    CW Thread Starter

    2 Dec 2010
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    Sory to reply now.
    Well now it looked like the colt riped off the smaler peice of rock aswell.
    And the power head blue it under the grating. So i cant take a pic now and i dont know how im gona get it out there.

    I do have a older pic of it.
    Its alot smaler that this pic.

    Cw out
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