How to fit your Auto Topup if you have a controllable return pump

21 Nov 2007
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Paarl Western Cape ZA
Is it possible to use an auto topup if you will be using a controllable return pump. Where will you put your sensor in your sump?

Every time you change the setting on your pump, the water level in the return chamber will change or not?
Of course it is possible. Sensor still goes in return chamber.The water will change in the return chamber when you change settings but why would you change it so often?
OK I've got it, you.ll just have to topup the return chamber with saltwater when you say increase the power setting on the pump with a huge increment. If you decrease the power, then salanity may go up a bit before it topup again with RO. But I reckon % wise, the volume in return chamber is very small, wont really hav a huge effect.
as marius said, why would you change it so often
@dallasg @maruismeyer No I dont think I will ever change it, but it was just something I started wondering about, whilst testing the pump and seeing the difference in waterlevel in return chamber. Jut a good thing to remember if you have controllable pump.

I dont even like to tap anything off my return line, because a failure of one of the equipment will also effect the rate of return, however minor it will be. I also know that it wont have an actual noticable effect on your salinity due to the very small % total water in return chamber
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