HOW TO - create a private forum?

15 Dec 2007
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I need help!!!!

I need to start a private forum for our staff so they can communicate and cross train each other. With 4 outlets training and problem solving are getting to big to handle the old way and if we do it on a forum new staff will take a fraction of the time to get up to speed ;) thus ensuring even better customer service:thumbup::m106:

Problem is - I have not got a clue how to do this :eek: anyone that can advice or assist.
Thank you @RiaanP but the intentions here is much bigger.

My management style need to adapt to multiple stores that can not meet and talk due to logistical reasons, therefore managers and staff input are IMPORTANT now more than ever !!!
1. staff post their problem and everyone help find a solution
2. My morning training sessions are typed onto a thread and staff from all branches can read and comment
3. We have training manuals that can be updated and expanded by staff
4. Staff post a cool solution to a problem for others to learn from
5. we discuss options before implementation, so everyone have equal opportunity to get involved
6. New product training can be done remotely

It will end-up being a training tool for new employees as well.
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There are plenty of free options out there, like this one for example, [V5] ProBoards - Free Forums Free Message Boards, you could create the basic forum, then make your own individual sub-forums and make them private so that only certain people (not the public) can read it. It is very basic and they run their ads on it, but shouldn't matter if it's just for you.

Or, the more advanced and better way, it's still free, is to use one of the proper forum types of software, such as phpBB Free and Open Source Forum Software and run it on a subdomain on your website. So it would be something like www . petstop . com/staff_forum but this requires a bit of technical knowhow and access to the cpanel of your website. Although if you have access to your websites cpanel then you should have access to Fantastico or Softaculous, which will easily install one of the free forum softwares for you automatically and then you simply customize it to your needs. Easy peasy. ;)

It's very easy to do and you could literally be up and running within 10 minutes.
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Thank you guys!!!!!

Great feedback - my service provider informed me they will call me this morning to assist me. If I am unsure or not happy i will report here ;)
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