How to catch a twin spot wrasse

Hi Afsal - you can try and use a "fish-catcher" (or perhaps an empty plastic bottle with the top cut off, and put back into the back-end, in reverse, so that the bottle-top section is now inside the bottle..... then put some food inside).....
I know that some LFS' build fish-catchers, and you can even get them pre-built/manufactured (I think that AquaMedic makes one).....

Good luck!
I chased mine until he ducked into the sand then scooped the whole lot out, fish, sand, the lot :D
Mhh, i have one that I have tried to catch, Man they sure dont just swim into the net do they,

I reckon a fish trap would be your best bet, that and plenty plenty of patients, let us know the outcome
Ok the only and best way to catch these buggers is to take the sharp part of a soleing fork. Remove the long handle. Find where he sleeps at night and do some "sole-ing". Ha Ha can anyone guess these are not my favorite fish. :lol:
HHhhhhmmmm - wrasses - I had a Queen Coris Wrasse - BEAUTIFUL fish - BUT what did I know when I first started out! Until the bugger got big enough and started killing off my hermit crabs, and star-fish..... it actually re-arranged my aquascape for me, on a daily basis (lifting rocks up and moving them around)....

In the end, I unfortunately had to "break down" my tank to catch this bugger.... BUT, luckily for me, it was the same time that I upgraded to my 2 metre tank.... So, no, I did not use a "fish trap" - but I believe that it does work (I have caught many other fish using the "Coke bottle" trick (cut the top third off the plastic bottle, and place it back into the back end, inverted)....

Cheers. And Good luck!
Can i shoot at it with a pellet un through the water?
Easiest way to catch it will be a hook and line. Get the smallest hook you can, take the barb off and use a small bit of frozen food on the hook at feeding time. Just try keep the bait away from any other fish. Have a bucket of tank water ready and dump him in it, use your net to catch it out the bucket and then remove the hook (if it hasnt spat it already).
Thought of that however i have the greediest fish ever, i will have 4 tangs 2 clowns, an elegance and my head (once A.N.G.R.Y figures out what i am doing in that bucket
yep there is good news , ive caught the bugger using the inverted coke bottle method .... worked like a charm
Why not wait till night time?

I'd think (if you know in which hole he sleeps) wait till long after sleeping time, then scoop him out of there, like Viper said, sand and the whole lot...
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