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    hi guys ...

    i got a new super nice tank. move all my live rock and existing live stock to the new tank, everything is doing well.

    i bought nice lps and softies, and a power blue tang (it was stunning), and now i hear, bad move.

    Some fish must be bought at the same time etc.

    Now, my question is, ultimatly, how do you know when can you add certain fish etc.

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    best way is to draw up a list of fish you want in your tank BEFORE purchasing any fish. Impulse buying only leads to bad things. After deciding what fish you would like start researching each fish in terms of max size, feeding habits, aggression, reef safety and then if the fish on your wish list will get along with the other fish on your list.
    There is alot of info out there on which fish can be added first and which dont get along member of the same family.

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