How long without eating?

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    Hi Guys

    I have a copper band which I have had in QT for 32 days now. I have cured him of various ailments during that time but would like to leave him in a bit longer just to be sure that I don't transpose anything to my DT. The main purpose of his introduction into my DT is to rid me of some aptasia

    One thing though, I have NEVER NEVER seen him eat anything despite numerous attempts at different varieties of food (Frozen of all sorts, and dry prepared foods of all sorts). I even observed him for up to 30 minutes after a feeding and still did not see him even nipping at anything

    Is it possible that he could be surviving so long without eating anything ?

    He doesn't seem to have lost any weight at all as well.
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    If they are not eating, they will die in the second week, day 8 to 10. Depending on period they where at the LFS. So I think he is fooling you. Must be eating eventually when you got busy with something else.

    But in that there is a problem. Now he is without competetion for food, and it seems that eventually he does take a nip here and there. When you put him in the display, there will be no more food by the time he decides to eat. Hopefully there is enough pods to keep him going.

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