How important a spare return pump is

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    12 Mar 2011
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    Today has been one of my most challenging marine days. From finding one of my sand sifters with a broken gill

    To my return pump just stopping with out any reason. Once you setup your tank everything is so nice and neat all your wires are cable tied and everything into a DB board. Your pump goes and you don't know if it's electric of if its the pump.

    I spent the greater part of today removing the return pump out the sump, removing all the wiring and then took the opportunity to clean out the sump (was full of derby from the LR).

    Luckily I have a back up of most of the equipment at hand. Good to report that the new return pump is in and running. It's much quieter too.

    I checked the impeller but all is good there must be something electric.


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