how heavy is your tank?

23 Feb 2010
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Cape Town
after a chat with some reefers I was we have a proper idea of how heavy our tanks are. think this question is important..especially if the tank is in a flat

my new tank is 1m by 60 by guessing its close to 350kg
Probably close to 600kgs. I am working on a construction site in the waterfront and I have been speaking to the foreman, just asking questions out of curiosity. I am amazed at how much weight a properly designed cement structure can hold.
brendan I was at ur place a while back.. are you also located on the 2nd or 3rd floor?
I have a 600 cube and i terribly underestimated the weight of it ,i was using wooden feet , under the base of my tank . 6 weeks of the tank running one of the feet collasped on tuesday night . Luckily my tank never fell off the stand .
Yes, fresh water is 1l = 1kg.

But one litre of salt with a salinity of 35ppt actually weighs 1035 grams.

So still not much of a difference, just a useless piece of info.

So 1500 litres of pure water = 1500kgs

and 1500 sea water @ 35ppt = about 1550

Then you still have to take rocks, stand, tank etc. Into consideration.
My tank proper calculation comes in at 500 kg ,that tank weight ,water sand and live rock
Came across this table of how much glass weighs.

Float Glass Thickness (mm) - Weight (kg/m2)
3 - 7.5
4 - 10
5 - 12.5
6 - 15
8 - 20
10 - 25
12 - 30
15 - 37.5
19 - 47.5
25 - 62.5
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Very interesting and scary. my tank would be around 1930kg
240 for glass, excl bracing
1550 for water
140 for rock and sand

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